Decoding the
Pictish Stones

To reveal the lost history of Scotland and its ancient people, the Picts, as the first astronomers.


The Picts a Lost Advanced Ancient Civilisation

The enigmatic people named by the Romans “Picti”, meaning the “painted people” on account of their habit of tattooing their bodies with their special symbols, lived in Caledonia, the country we now call Scotland.

The mighty Romans were frustrated by the fearless warrior Picts as they attempted and failed to conquer their lands and were instead  forced into building two massive walls from coast to coast to protect the already conquered lands to the South in England.

Despite their military prowess the Picts are most famous for their beautiful and mysterious symbols they carved on stones, which unlike the hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt, today remain undeciphered.

Many centuries later, waves of English wouldbe conquerors were similarly repelled and sent home “to think again” but not without first destroying manuscripts and books as they, aided by the church, attempted to emasculate Scotland by erasing both its proud ancient history and the memory of the old ways and ancient beliefs.

Fortunately, the Picts and their forefathers stretching back to Neolithic times and before that to the first settlers in Caledonia following the retreat of the massively thick ice cap and glaciers that covered the land  have left us a wealth of artefacts that are unique to their culture. Embedded within these misunderstood items lies the lost history of an amazing lost people. The study attempts to decode the hidden information in these wonderfully strange artefacts that rival and surpass those of the great known ancient civilisations not in their opulence but the even more precious value of the knowledge they contain.


Acquire the Arcane Knowledge
of our Ancient Pictish Ancestors

Our Pictish ancestors living in Scotland from Neolithic times have left us a treasure trove of information about their lives, not in the form of writing, but “written in stone” in their stone circles, carved hieroglyphs and unique artefacts that have finally been deciphered to reveal 3000 years of lost history extending from the stone circles and monuments of Orkney and Shetland Islands in the far North of Scotland to  the mysteries of the pyramids of Ancient Egypt to the South. The analysis of the artefacts is challenging and requires that we accept that they were intelligent people who thought differently from us today but had developed a surprisingly advanced knowledge of astronomy and a technology that was “before its time”. A new window has been opened, shining a light on the lost beliefs and technology of our ancient ancestors and offering a colourful vision of the long-forgotten past to the open-minded and a wealth of new evidence and alternative ideas for academia to ponder if it can throw off the shackles of conventional wisdom that has paralysed the study of archaeology and pre-history for so long.

Megalithic Yard

An ingenious pre-historic measuring system

Part 1

Megalithic Yard
Download Part 1

Stone Circles

A calendrical tool to mark festival days

Part 2

Stone Circles
Download Part 2

Stone Balls

Three dimensional geodesic rulers

Part 3

Stone Balls
Download Part 3

Pictish Symbol Stones

A pantheon of stellar deities

Part 4

Pictish Symbol Stones
Download Part 4

Deep Space Objects

Ancient knowledge about deep space objects

Part 5

Deep Space Objects
Download Part 5

Annular and Penannular Rings

Brooches or portable stone circles

Part 6

Annular and Penannular Rings
Download Part 6

The Nebra Sky Disc

A celestial map

Part 7

The Nebra Sky Disc
Download Part 7

The Brochs

The first observatories

Part 8

The Broch
Download Part 8

The Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza

The birth and rebirth of the star gods

Part 9

The Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza
Download Part 9

The Monster of Loch Ness and the Holy Grail

As above so below

Part 10

The Monster of Loch Ness and the Holy Grail
Download Part 10

An Ancient Telescope

Connecting the people to their star gods

Part 11

Ancient Telescopes
Download Part 11


Five thousand years of reflections

Part 12

Download Part 12

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